New iPhone 6S release date March 2015, iPhone 7 release date September

The iPhone 6S release date is moving up on the calendar significantly in order to correlate with the Apple Watch product popularly dubbed the iWatch, and in turn the iPhone 7 release date is sliding up into 2015 as well, according to our source in the supply chain. The move is motivated partly by Apple’s desire to have a new smartphone available to launch alongside its smartwatch, and partly due to shifts in cellular contracts and consumer desires. But what will a swift iPhone 6S bring, and how has the iPhone 7 release date become so predictable?

The iPhone 6S will offer the same external look as the existing iPhone 6, though in different color choices, if Apple holds to recent pattern. Internally the 6s will move to the significantly faster A9 or moderately faster A8X microprocessor, depending on whether the A9 is ready yet. The move will give those customers who have reached their eligibility window since the launch of the iPhone 6 an opportunity to upgrade at the same time the iWatch launches, preventing them from opting to hold off on buying the watch until a new iPhone arrives in the fall.

The swifter launch schedule also allows the iPhone 7 to arrive just a year after the 6, which helps keep pace with new programs like AT&T Next and Verizon Edge, which increasingly allow consumers to trade up for a new phone every year. Apple’s S-model strategy was based on that two year upgrade cycle, and is now becoming obsolete. The iPhone 6S may be the final instance in which Apple offers an S-model, before moving on to simply launching a new whole-number model every twelve months.

The iPhone 6S release date will be tied to the Apple Watch launch, which up to now has only been publicly declared as “spring 2015” and could be within a range of a few months. The iPhone 7 release date will be targeted for the second Tuesday of September, which has long been the company’s favorite date for launching new products ahead of the holiday rush. That places the iPhone 7 launch on 9/8/2015.