iPhone 7 release date 2016 / preorders, launch leak, rumors, 7 Plus

After a year of waiting, the iPhone 7 release date is nearly upon us. Apple has been quietly prepping the major redesign to its flagship smartphone, two years after launching the iPhone 6 overhaul and one year after revising it with the iPhone 6S. Now comes the big prize for those who have waited, and the dates have leaked for the apparent release date, preorder date, and retail launch date of not only the iPhone 7 but also the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

Few reliable details have leaked regarding what the iPhone 7 will look like, but it remains a safe bet that it will move on from the now twice-used casing of the 6/6S era in favor of something that looks visibly different for the styling-conscious. Technical specs can be counted upon to be improved across the board, including a faster processor and ever more powerful camera, even as users hope for longer battery life and a much needed revision to the longtime color scheme. Some users are also hoping the compromised iPhone SE will be scrapped in favor of a four inch iPhone 7 option. But they’ll get to find out fairly soon.

9 to 5 Mac has uncovered evidence that the iPhone 7 release date event will take place on September 7th, with Apple CEO Tim Cook taking the stage for it. Preorders will begin two days later on September 9th, and the product will launch at retail on September 23rd. The iPhone 7 Plus can be expected to ship concurrently.

Will Stabley
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Will Stabley