iPhone 7 release date 2016, redesigned model, new colors and more

Now that Apple has served up an identical-looking phone two years in a row, with the iPhone 6 its successor the 6S having only varied on the inside, 2016 is the year in which Apple will finally unveil a fully redesigned model. It’ll come with new styling, likely a new range of colors, perhaps even different external materials, along with the usual new features and upgraded specs. But those looking to time their purchase have just one question at the forefront of their minds: when is the iPhone 7 release date?

Normally the answer would be straightforward: Apple likes to hold a media event each September or October to roll out its latest iPhone model each year, a consistent pattern dating back all the way to the iPhone 4 in the year 2010. In any other year, we’d say that pattern will hold true and you shouldn’t get your hopes up. But as it turns out, Apple is shaking up its release date schedule this year – and it’s happening very soon.

Apple is holding a media event just a week from now, on March 21st, to unveil new hardware which is widely rumored to include a new iPhone model. The catch: it may not include the iPhone 7, and instead may simply be a new variant of the existing models, including a four inch option. That means the iPhone 7 release date may indeed not come until the usual September 2016 timeframe. But don’t buy anything new before Apple makes its move on March 21st.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley