Eight years after Steve Jobs iPhone Starbucks prank call anniversary

Here comes the iPhone 7 release date, according to rumors and sources which peg it as arriving sooner than expected. And the news comes on the anniversary of one of the more infamous Steve Jobs moments of all time. Today is the eighth anniversary of the day in which Jobs first unveiled the first iPhone during a Macworld Expo keynote, used the Maps app to find the phone number for the closest Starbucks, and prank-called an order for four thousand lattes before hanging up. But about that new iPhone 7…

The rumors surfacing from outside sites align with what we’ve been hearing from our supply chain source since last month: the iPhone 7 release date may be moved up to 2015 so that the interim 6S model can be launched sooner alongside the Apple Watch. This would be the first time that a new iPhone arrives in less than twelve months after the previous one. The only iPhone not to be followed by an “S” model the next year was the original one which Steve Jobs unveiled that fateful day, after which Apple jumped directly to the iPhone 3G. In this latest scenario Apple would indeed be delivering an iPhone 6S, but it would come just six months after the 6, and the iPhone 7 would then follow in the fall. So what would it look like?

The safe bet is an exterior redesign focused on styling. The existing 4.7 and 5.5 inch sizes would remain intact, and the existing rounded sides have proven popular, but colors and materials could be changed up to ensure that the iPhone 7 looks physically different from the 6. The new smartphone would be centered around the A9 microprocessor as well as other possible new technologies such as NFC 2.0. At the very earliest the iPhone 7 release date wouldn’t surface to September of this year, and if Apple decides to go conservative, won’t arrive until 2016. But that leaves plenty of time to watch the YouTube video of the Steve Jobs Starbucks prank call ad naseum. It never stops being funny.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.