Stalled: iPod touch 6th generation release date ahead of iPhone 6

The iPod touch has never been one of Apple’s flashier products, but it’s been a consistent if quiet seller – and it’s traditionally been updated alongside each new (non-S) iPhone model. But the iPhone 6 reveal came and went yesterday without a hint of the iPod touch 6, which begs the question: is the iPod touch 6th generation release date delayed, or is something else going on altogether?

On the iPod front, a sea change occurred this week: Apple silently discontinued the iPod Classic. The old click-wheel product had become so obscure in the touchscreen era that most people probably didn’t even know Apple still offered it. Its demise now raises another issue: is this the beginning of the end of the iPod touch as well?

Apple is still selling the fifth generation iPod touch, suggesting it may stick around for awhile. That could be due to engineering issues, as the sixth generation iPod touch would have to be made to resemble the iPhone 6 in both styling and size, and perhaps Apple didn’t want its engineers spending time on it until the new iPhone was out the door. But what if, after seven years, Apple has decided that the iTouch no longer serves a major purpose?

It was originally intended to serve as a bridge for those customers tied to other carriers back when the iPhone was AT&T only. Then it morphed into something of a toy for children whose parents didn’t want them to have a real iPhone, and a point of sale device for retail businesses. But is that alone enough to motivate Apple to bother delivering a sixth generation iPod touch now – or ever? Those waiting for the iPod touch 6 release date could be waiting for some time.

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  1. Andy X on September 11, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    It’s going to be rebranded as an I-Pad Nano with the 5.5 inch screen!