iPod touch 6th generation 2015: will release date need Apple Event?

The iPod touch 6th generation is ready to go into production now that manufacturing for the new iPhones has finally caught up to overwhelming demand. The new iPod 6 will share some core components with the smartphone, so Apple made a strategic decision to hold off on the new iPod touch until iPhone demand finally leveled off. Now that the moment has arrived, Tim Cook faces a dilemma: it’s time for the release date, but there’s no Media Event in sight.

“Every generational change in memory at Apple has been announced at a public event,” points out reader Jonathan NYC. Each new iPod touch model has appeared at Apple’s traditional fall press event in September or October, with the first generation launching in fall 2007 and the most current 5G model surfacing in fall 2012. But none of those events were centered around the iPod touch itself. More often, the Touch has been piggybacked onto a launch event for a new iPhone, and that indeed would have happened in September 2014 if not for the fact that Apple knew it wouldn’t be able to keep up with iPhone 6 demand.

The iPod touch 6th generation is not a vital enough product to be given its own Media Event, meaning that if Apple launches it now, it will have to do so by simply issuing a press release and placing the new version on its website. That alone will get plenty of press attention, hundreds of articles written about the changeover, and will provide a decent opportunity to get the word out to potential buyers.

But if Apple wants to give the iPod touch 6th generation the biggest launch possible it’ll need to wait until it’s ready to hold a Media Event for a bigger product launch such as the Apple Watch – which means the iPod touch 6 release date could come as late as the spring even though the product is nearly ready now.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

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