iRunt: iPod touch 6th generation release date coming October 16th?

Is Apple taking its time trying to get the iPod touch 6th generation just right before its release date, or is it taking so long because Apple views the product as the iRunt of the litter? Those awaiting news of the new iPod touch 6 were shocked last month when Apple held its entire hour-plus press event with no word of its future. Such announcements have nearly always come alongside every other iPhone generation. The radio silence from Apple could mean one of a few things, impacting the direction of the product line.

First, the iPod touch could be on its way out. Apple only introduced it in 2007 in response to backlash from those who wanted an iPhone but weren’t willing or able to switch to its exclusive carrier, AT&T. With the iPhone now available on most carriers nationwide and many carriers worldwide, the original reason for the iTouch existing have faded in importance. But even amid no word of the iPod touch 6 generation, Apple still continues selling the iPod touch 5 in its stores. That suggests it’s less about killing the product and something else is going on instead.

One more plausible scenario is that Apple engineers were working overtime on the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and didn’t have time to get the revamped iPod touch 6 out the door alongside them. Apple could also be unsure about whether to make the new iTouch bigger or whether to keep it as its existing form factor, and wanted the extra time to gauge market response to the larger iPhones before making a decision.

Then there’s the theory that because the iPod touch is technically a micro-iPad, Apple may be holding off on its release date until the iPad media event on Thursday to debut the iPod touch 6th generation. It could even be rebranded as part of the iPad lineup, as Apple continues to phase out the thirteen year old iPod brand name. Those answers will come this week, unless Apple opts to keep quiet about the new iPod touch yet again – in which case all bets are off going forward and Apple may indeed be treating the product like the iRunt of its iLitter.