iWatch, iOS 8.2 update release date, Apple Christmas 2014 surprises

The iWatch has already been teased. The iOS 8.2 software update is just around the corner. But with the year 2014 swiftly coming to a close, which of these products will see their release date in time for Christmas? The answers are a mixed bag. The Apple Watch, which was tagged with the “iWatch” name years before its debut and will continue to be referred to as much, was shown off in September – the same week in which iOS 8 was released. But now, Apple fans want answers as to what else is coming and when.

The iOS 8.2 release date may be the trickiest to pin down. Apple doesn’t offer guidance to the public on the matter, leaving only the sporadic beta releases to developers as a guide. The beta was issued last week, but it’s not a given as to whether it’s the last beta version or whether there are more coming. Apple could yet issue the update to the public before year’s end, but it would be tricky at this point as Apple prefers the hardware it sells in its own stores to be running the current version at the time of sale. That’s feasible now, but once the heaviest holiday selling gets underway, it’s another matter. So if we don’t see the iOS 8.2 update arrive within the next week, it may not show its face until 2015. The news on the iWatch front is less fuzzy.

Apple has stated that the iWatch won’t see its release date until early next year. And while the company does love to spring surprises without warning, moving up that launch date to Christmas 2014 would mean the bulk of third-party Apple Watch apps being worked on as we speak wouldn’t be ready for launch. In other words, don’t count on it. Apple could still spring a hardware surprise in 2014, but it would need to be a product that’s either not app-dependent or wouldn’t require significant recoding.