Judd Nelson not dead: foxnews.es is a hoax site

Actor Judd Nelson is not dead. That’s news to those who saw a report of his death today which appeared to come from Fox News and was widely reposted across Facebook today – to the point that Nelson’s name became a trending topic on the social network. But the story was actually posted by the foxnews.es website, a hoax site which has no affiliation with the television news network.

Such hoaxes are nothing new to social media. But the one was different because it appeared to be coming from a major (if not universally respected) news outlet. The “.es” domain is for websites based in Spain and could have appeared to some as having come from the Barcelona desk at Fox News, though it’s not clear why an international outlet of an American news network would be the one posting on the death of Judd Nelson in the United States.

In any case Judd Nelson is alive and well, even if his acting career has been dead for some time. You can count on Fox News lawyers going after the foxnews.es domain for trademark violation and trade dress. And you can count on those who believe Fox News to be disreputable making the inevitable jokes about a hoax site impersonating a news outlet that’s dishonest to begin with.

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  1. Dee Jamacek on October 26, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    No surprise they are using FOX to start a hoax. SMH Boy, they are really scared of FOX, aren’t they?