Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves pair up for CMT Crossroads

Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves may not have much in common as artists on paper, but they’ll attempt to meld their singing talents on a new episode of CMT Crossroads tonight. The television show frequently pairs up country music artists like Musgraves with popular artists from other genres such as Perry, who regularly tops the pop music charts. The two are conveniently on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard Magazine together, meaning that tonight’s Crossroads episode will draw widespread attention from across the music universe.

Perry has confirmed that they two will indeed be singing each other’s songs tonight on Crossroads, as has been using her Facebook page to hype up the episode. “Get ready to grab ur poppycorn,” she teases. Musgraves got her big break on country music reality show competition Nashville Star in 2007. Perry broke out with a string of pop hits beginning in 2008. Both artists went had previously released indie material prior to their respective breakthroughs.

Cross-genre collaborations and song swaps tend to have mixed results, as they’re dependent on not only the flexibility of the artists involved, but also the flexibility of the songs themselves. Katy’s pop songs have dabbled into rock and hip hop corners. Can Kacey turn them into country songs? A video snippet on the cmt.com website confirms that they’ll be performing the bombastic song “Roar” together, in what sounds like a more acoustic leaning mix.

If tonight’s Crossroads goes well, those who want to see more of Katy and Kacey in action together may get their chance. As it turns out, Musgraves is opening for Perry on select concert dates in the northern United States and Canada later this year. In the mean time, tonight’s episode of CMT Crossroads is on at 10pm EST and runs for an hour. It’ll immediately re-air at 11pm.