Leak: new iPhone 6 release date 2014 sooner than later, curved siding

Leaked images of the new iPhone 6 point to the new Apple device reaching its 2104 release date sooner than originally expected. While traditional Apple scheduling would place the iPhone 6 release date in September or October, today’s new leak suggests it’ll arrive significantly sooner. Apple is tight lipped about upcoming products, and details only tend to leak once those details have been sent out to partners or put into production. That points to the iPhone 6 emerging as soon as early summer as opposed to the fall. So what do the leaks reveal?

The iPhone 6 images leaked to BGR depict a new model that’s taller, wider, and thinner. The latter fits within Apple’s preference for making its mobile devices progressively thinner front to back, while the former is in line with the pressure Apple is under to deliver a larger iPhone to compete with the larger smartphones made popular by its competitors. But while the last four iPhone generations have generally used the same styling, these iPhone 6 images reveal a device whose sides are curved and whose screen runs all the way to the very edge of those sides, even bending slightly around the front curvature. This is one way Apple can make the screen larger without making the front face quite as large as some competing phones. So when will the iPhone 6 release date happen?

With Apple set to reveal the iOS 8 system software in early June at its WWDC conference, the iPhone 6 release date won’t come before that time – and won’t come until at least a bit after. Developers need lead time to prepare their apps for the new operating system. So the earliest the new iPhone could debut would be around the Fourth of July.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.