The Mentalist season 7 premiere date: Jane+Lisbon first episode

The Mentalist has been renewed for a seventh and final season, but its premiere date comes as a bit of a surprise. The long running detective drama prepares to enter a new landscape in which titular character Patrick Jane and his longtime partner in crime solving Teresa Lisbon have finally confessed their love for each other, setting up a new landscape in which the show revolves around their evolving relationship. But don’t reach for that remote control just yet.

Season six saw several fundamental changes for The Mentalist: series-long villain Red John was identified and killed off by Jane. Supporting characters Rigsby and Van Pelt were married off and written out. Two years in the timeline were skipped over. Jane, Lisbon and Cho ended up going to work for the FBI in Austin after the demise of the CBI entirely. And now heading into Season 7, the show has played the one major card it had been holding back: coupling up Lisbon & Jane.

The mere fact that there is going to be The Mentalist Season 7 comes as something of a surprise, as the show had been falling in the ratings, particularly after the Red John reveal – a hicktown sheriff who had been appearing occasionally on the show all along – was considered a letdown by some longtime viewers. But the show seemed to find new footing toward the end of last season. The final episode, which saw Jane and Lisbon finally kiss for the first time, appeared to have been written as a potential series finale in case the show wasn’t renewed. That leaves writers with the mixed blessing of figuring out what to do with them as a couple this season.

But if you’re eager to see the happy new couple in action, you’ll have to wait awhile: the season seven premiere of The Mentalist won’t debut until January of 2015 in midseason replacement role, and its final season will be closer to half of a season.