Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, lame duck, keeps DC Kevin Coyle

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin is officially a lame duck coach, despite talk of a contract extension. The proof comes in the fact that he’s keeping defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle intact for the 2015 despite the poor performance of his unit this season and the evident need for change. Philbin may or may not have wanted to fire his CD, but the morbid truth for Dolphins fans is this: no one qualified would have wanted the job for just one year.

Fans wanted the Miami Dolphins to fire Joe Philbin this offseason after yet another mediocre record. In fact, fans wanted Philbin fired after last season, certain that the 2014 campaign would turn out no better than 8-8, which it did. This time around the fan base was hoping that Dolphins owner Steve Ross would pursue Jim Harbaugh, or failing that, some other candidate with the know-how to be a winning head coach. Instead, with one week left in the season, Ross announced that Philbin would return for 2015, to universal jeers.

Although Joe Philbin is being given a contract extension, everyone involved is aware that he’ll be fired at the end of the upcoming season if he doesn’t lead the team to the playoffs and show improvement. As such, viable candidates for the defensive coordinator don’t want the job, because they know the odds are that Philbin will be gone within a year, and the next head coach may want to wipe the slate clean when it comes to coordinators. Firing Kevin Coyle would have led to a weak slate of one-year rental candidates who might have done an even weaker job.

In his four years as Miami Dolphins head coach, Joe Philbin has failed to get his teams to the playoffs or produce a winning record, allowed the Bullygate scandal to happen under his nose, chased off half a dozen of the team’s top players because he couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with their personalities, and seems to get out-coached by the opposing sideline in ninety percent of his games.

Now heading into what even he knows will almost certainly be his final season as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, Joe Philbin is sticking with failed defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle – not because he wants to, but because at this point he doesn’t have a choice. It’s increasingly difficult to find anyone outside of Dolphins headquarters who sees this as a viable strategy for winning.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley