Miami Heat roster 2015: Hassan Whiteside arrives, Dwyane Wade injury

The Miami Heat roster is deeper in 2015, but the team is still losing thanks to the departure of its best player and a slate of early-season injuries. Hassan Whiteside has been the brightest spot so far, even as an injured Dwyane Wade attempts to return to form and Chris Bosh returns from his own injury. Here’s a look at the key pieces of the Miami Heat roster as the season approaches its midway point.

Dwyane Wade: He’s having one of his best seasons in years, finally playing full-time minutes after the departure of LeBron Wade and the Miami Heat’s resulting need to make every regular season game count. But he’s nursing a recent hamstring injury which has brought his progress to a sudden halt.

Hassan Whiteside: The 25 year old was added to the Miami Heat roster in November, quickly started to flash, and is now putting up impressive numbers off the bench. He represents the first time in which the Miami Heat have been able to produce a homegrown young star in several years, with Dwyane Wade perhaps being the last to do so. But he’s not yet consistent enough to be starter material.

Chris Bosh: He was a third wheel in Miami during the LeBron era, but is now being called upon to be the team’s leading scorer. As a result, he’s having his best season since he left Toronto.

Luol Deng: His name keeps coming up in trade rumors, but the Miami Heat are unlikely to part with their top free agent acquisition so quickly, even though his season has been up and down.

Chris Birdman Andersen: The Heat have been using him as a starter because injuries have made the roster thin, but he’s more effective in a sixth man role.

Josh McRoberts: The free agent signee is injured and is not expected to contribute this season.

Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Shabazz Napier: The Miami Heat are still hoping their three headed point guard situation will end up producing one consistent starter.