Michael Beasley, after injury, eyes Miami Heat rotation for round two

The resurrection of Michael Beasley with the Miami Heat will have to wait at least another game. The former number two overall draft pick, ditched by the Heat while they were putting together their LeBron James-led Big Three era, found his way back to South Beach at the start of this season on a veteran minimum contract. As the season has progressed, his former marijuana habit seems to have become a thing of the past, and he’s found his way in and out of the Heat rotation – occasionally even starting in spot duty – while carving out a niche on a team filled with brighter stars. But an ill timed hamstring injury in the final regular season game has thus far kept him out of the postseason entirely. That should change soon, but it’s not clear exactly how he’ll be used.

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra may opt to tailor his starting five and his reserve rotation depending on which team the Heat is facing in each round of the playoffs. That means, for instance, that similarly resurrected big man Greg Oden might see featured minutes against the big lineup of the Indiana Pacers. But against the Charlotte Bobcats, Spoelstra has inserted the likes of sharpshooter James Jones into the rotation in the name of heavy scoring. He might have turned to Michael Beasley instead, if not for the fact that Beasley’s hamstring injury is still coming along. There’s also no reason, yet at least, to rush things.

With the Bobcats not having put up a real threat, there’s been no reason to rush Beasley’s return. In round two that could change, with the Miami Heat presumably facing a more formidable opponent. But will Beasley be what the doctor ordered? Stay tuned.