NCIS season 11 new episode tonight: “Shooter” and homeless veterans

As NCIS approaches the end of season eleven, tonight’s new episode titled “Shooter” takes a left turn into the subject of homeless veterans. It’s the second week in a row in which the Navy based television series has tackled a real world military topic, after having taken on sexual misconduct last week. With only two more episodes before the season finale, NCIS hasn’t yet laid out where its season ending ramp up will take the characters.

Season long villain Parsa is now dead, and new NCIS agent Ellie Bishop has settled in with the team. Bishop’s husband could finally make an appearance, as he’s been mentioned frequently but with little detail or plot relevance. McGee’s girlfriend Delilah, who recently departed for a dream job abroad, could also come back into play though it seems more likely she’s been written out for good. That leaves the issue of just what Agent Gibbs and his team are going to get themselves into in the finale – and inevitably have to get themselves out of in the fall premiere – still anyone’s guess.

But the details of tonight’s new NCIS episode are more clear. Shooter airs on CBS at 8pm eastern time, 7pm central time and will be followed immediately by NCIS Los Angeles.