NCIS season 12 new episode tonight: Tony’s post-Ziva David Choke Hold

NCIS all new tonight with a season 12 episode titled Choke Hold. It’ll feature the usual tangentially-Navy-related murder mystery and the usual twists and turns toward solving the case, but it will also feature something else: the arrival of a new agent who could tempt Tony DiNozzo to turn his focus back toward meeting women for the first time since Ziva David left the show. The question for viewers is whether this will mean the end of the “Tiva” storyline for good, or whether it’s building toward a potential cameo by Cote de Pablo.

Tony and Ziva finally (presumably) consummated their relationship (off screen of course) in the middle of last season, but it came as Ziva actress De Pablo was preparing to leave the show. NCIS surprised audiences by introducing a new female agent who is happily married and has not served as a potential romantic foil for DiNozzo at all.

He’s shown little interest in flirtation with her or any other female characters so far in season twelve, and while it’s fit with his lingering feelings for Ziva, it’s run far afield of his series-long primary characteristic. Tonight’s new episode will reveal which direction the show is going to take Tony in for the rest of the season.

Tonight’s new “Choke Hold” season twelve episode of NCIS airs at 8pm, 7pm central, on TV channel CBS. We won’t spoil the name of the new female agent, or the identity of the actress who portrays her, as you’ll find out soon enough.