NCIS season 12 premiere date, spoilers: Gibbs and McGee in peril

NCIS approaches its season 12 premiere date without any immediate cliffhangers to resolve, but the early spoilers point to the primary cast members finding themselves in immediately high-stakes peril. Agent Gibbs and Timothy McGee are going off on a life and death mission which has Abby in fear for their safety. Abby worries about everything of course, but she’s concerned enough here to take her fears to Director Vance himself. So just what is the mission about?

There’s where the fun comes in. While CBS has been willing to leak the Gibbs-McGee-in-peril storyline in the teaser ads for the season twelve premiere, but has spliced the scenes in a chaotic enough manner that there are multiple interpretations as to what kind of mission they could be going on. There are some possibilities to cross off the list: season eleven villain Parsa is dead, and corresponding backstory of Ellie Bishop appears to have been put to bed. However at some point her husband may finally become an on-screen character, unless NCIS planning to treat him with the same kind of mystery as the unnamed redhead in the show’s earliest days.

NCIS season 12 has a premiere episode date of Tuesday, September 23rd. Instead of being followed by NCIS Los Angeles as per custom, it will instead be followed this season by new spinoff NCIS New Orleans. It’s not yet clear whether the plots of the premieres of the two shows on Tuesday night will be tied into each other.