NCIS season 12 spoilers: Abby blonde? Pauley Perrette allergy

Abby Sciuto could have a different look in when NCIS Season 12 begins in the fall, thanks to a real life health issue suffered by actress Pauley Perrette. In what could be the most surprising spoiler of the season, Abby may end up being a blonde instead of her longtime jet black goth hairstyle. Perrette posted last night that she suffered from what she refers to as an “acquired allergy” due to a decade of using black hair dye, which landed her in the emergency room with a severely swollen face and head.

Pauley Perrette is a natural blonde, as evidenced by photographs of her from the years in which she fronted a punk rock band. But the NCIS character study for Abby Sciuto called for black hair, and so she began dyeing her hair accordingly. But based on her post on Twitter, it sounds as if she won’t be able to tolerate dyeing her hair black going forward. “My head swelled up like a huge melon,” she stated, while warning that people should “Know the symptoms. It can be fatal.”

NCIS Season 12 hasn’t yet begun filming. If Perrette is unable to keep her hair dyed black, she may end up having to either wear a black wig or simply allow her hair to revert back to its natural blonde. NCIS fans would certainly understand that she had no choice but to do so for health reasons. But would the tenor of Abby’s character change if she suddenly shows up as a blonde after eleven years?

Interestingly, a major NCIS cast change last season saw brunette Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) replaced by blonde Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham). Now it appears as if the show may have blondes for both its lead female characters. Our best wishes go out to Pauley Perrette on her recovery from her health care. Image credit: @PauleyP via Twitter.