NCIS season 12 spoilers: Ziva David, Ellie Bishop, Agent Gibbs

NCIS enters season 12 without a cliffhanger, but instead with a fresh start in various aspects of its characters and plotting. Newcomer Ellie Bishop is entering her first full season after joining the cast partway through season 11. The Parsa storyline that brought her into the show in the first place has been concluded, and so season 12 gives her character the opportunity to continue ingratiating herself into the team. But NCIS still has some spoilers awaiting in the background and some tricks up its sleeve for the new season. Chief among them is the question of Ziva David.

Ziva left NCIS in order to start life anew back in Israel, a storyline introduced to explain the exit of actress Cote de Pablo, with the strong suggestion that she and Tony DiNozzo will end up as a couple once NCIS reaches its eventual end. While de Pablo will almost certainly return for a closing cameo at that time, there’s little preventing her – aside from her own availability – for making a sweeps month cameo in season 12. Whether Ziva David shows up this fall or not, NCIS still have some explaining to do regarding Ellie Bishop. Her husband has been mentioned nonchalantly so many times that he’s already begun to feel like a supporting character, except for the fact that he’s never appeared on screen. The biggest spoiler of season 12 may be finding out which actor has been cast to portray him.

In the mean time there other NCIS storylines ripe for exploration. The seemingly invincible Agent Gibbs now has to deal with the loss of his father, which may force him to ponder his own mortality. Tim McGee’s girlfriend Delilah appears to have been written out of the show with her new job abroad, but that could be reversed at any time. And there’s the ongoing issue of what Tony DiNozzo does with himself now that he realizes he’s in love with Ziva David but can’t be with her.


  1. Sharon Stark on June 23, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Bring Cote back

  2. Marysue on June 23, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    I think Cote’s exit from NCIS was one of the toughest exits in a series. I was really saddened to learn of her decision to leave but respect her desire to do so. Regardless of what made her decide to leave, there needs to be a decision about whether Ziva will ever return or not. I hope that there will be a short storyline in season 12 that will give indication of this. There could be a cameo appearance – hopefully Cote is willing and a storyline that will resolve it. It will give fans closure and the writer’s can move Tony along if Cote has made her final decision to not come back. If there are plans afoot for them to b a couple once the series actually ends – many reports have alluded to this there could be a bit of ground work laid out to gradually work up to that. If Cote doesn’t want to return until the actual series finale which could be several years away the story could work along the line that she tells Tony she cares for him but wants him to let go and move on. This could be reversed when the series ends.

  3. JayceeVW on June 23, 2014 at 9:54 pm

    There has been no such thing said about when NCIS finishing and Cote coming back. to be with Tony. You seem to be behind on information. Tony has gotton over Ziva and has never said he loved her. Ziva told him he ‘was loved’ and that doesn’t mean she is ‘in love’ with him or visa versa. I always felt he had more feelings for her than she of him. I don’t think Cote will appear in season 12, maybe 13. Perhaps we might here of a phone call or emails.

  4. Christine Roth on June 24, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Heavens! Anymore of this silly, annoying and completely redundant Bishop character on the once best show ever makes me want to puke!
    Is this another try of the show runner to keep people watching his awful Bishop show: Talking about Ziva’s return? And what viewers get is more of this Barbie girl character who made me stop watching my once favorite show! Who cares about her husband? What’s next: Bishop’s Mom, her Dad or her three brothers?
    I don’t know one single person who likes Bishop! She is a Rugrats character played by an actress who should go back to acting classes!
    The only female characters I liked in this useless season 11 of NCIS were Delilah Fielding and Hollis Mann but who needs strong and intelligent women (played by fantastic actresses) when the show runner can present this Bishop nuisance!
    I would love to see Cote de Pablo back but if she doesn’t want to ruin her career playing alongside her cheap replacement, well, understandable!
    The viewers waited 8 years for TIVA to become a couple now the “boss” of NCIS ruins everything with a possible new love for Tony so another Gibbs slap for the viewers!
    I watched and loved every episode of NCIS until season 11 ruined everything!
    I will start watching NCIS again the moment Mr. Glasberg realizes that Bishop needs to be removed once and for all and Cote de Pablo gets treated the way she deserves it after contributing for 8 years! Maybe Mr. Glasberg needs another reminder that NCIS would have never become a Number 1 show without Cote de Pablo!
    And I won’t watch another forced Tony love story after the show runner teased the audience with TIVA for 8 years! If Ziva doesn’t come back why not bring Delilah back for the forgotten McGee character, Tony can be single, Gibbs is single since the first episode!

    • JayceeVW on July 8, 2014 at 11:56 pm

      We must be watching a different show as i never saw any ‘forced’ love stories for Tony. And the show DID NOT become number 1 because of Cote de Pablo. ALL the characters made it what it is and NCIS was voted the best show, shown WORLDWIDE just recently. Their ratings have held up despite Cote’s departure. If ‘Ziva” returns she had to make it clear to Tony that there is no future for either of them and that she just wants to be friends. Ziva telling him in Past, Present and Future that – He is Loved – doesn’t mean she is IN love with him. It was more obvious to me that Tony had more feelings for her than she of him. I would like her to return but only in a recurring role attached to some Mossad type unit based in Israel or some where, where she returns to after doing her job. There was never any Tiva anyway. Just two co-workers who happen to think very much of each other.

  5. BishopFan on June 24, 2014 at 8:30 am

    Michael Weatherly has said in an interview that Tony has put Ziva in a drawer after she rejected him, and is moving on with his life. Hopefully that means he will find someone for a nice OFFSCREEN romance (like Jimmy and Breena’s). I watch NCIS for the crime-solving and humour, not for romance. If I want to watch a romance, I’ll watch Castle. .One of the best things about Ziva leaving (and there were many) is that they can’t push the fauxmance anymore.

  6. Erin on June 24, 2014 at 8:51 am

    I really don’t want to see Ziva return. They tied up the story line IMO. If they bring her back I feel that all it will do is encourage her most zealous fans to continue their somewhat sad little campaign to insult, bully, and pressure the show to do whatever it takes to force her back. (These fans just don’t seem to understand or respect the fact that resigning was Ms. de Pablo’s decision and her right to do.) My other problem with Ziva’s potential return is that it stifles the possible growth and moving on of my favorite character Tony. It’s not fair to Tony fans to not allow him to move on in order to entice a few hopeful tiva fans that their favorite tiva fantasies will be played out, when the likelihood of that is probably at abou tzero percent. I do however wish that tptb would have the decency to let fans know that she is not coming back as it seems like a cruel tease..

  7. Katie on June 26, 2014 at 5:03 am

    Ellie Bishop? Really? The future of NCIS. Bring back Kate. Sasha Alexander and Cote de Pablo were both outstanding actresses and very appealing characters. To me NCIS is a different show now and not as good. I say cancelled in three years.

  8. Stephen Blum on June 26, 2014 at 6:11 am

    When Cote left I was heart broken because well I was probably in love, or at least have a serious crush on her and her character, however I do understand why she felt she had enough playing that role and I really don’t have anything against her replacement, I just want Cote to return as a series regular or at least a cameo I just love to see her on screen, I do want her to be on the series finale but please have her come back way before that, and sooner rather than later