New iPhone 6S release date + 2015 Apple Watch before Samsung Galaxy S6

The new iPhone 6S release date could arrive from Apple before rival Samsung has a chance to launch its next generation Galaxy S6, thereby accelerating the arrival of the iPhone 7 as well, upending the entire smartphone equilibrium before the new year is over. Apple’s motivation for rolling out a new phone in the spring is due to the arrival of its new Watch, which it had been hoping to launch in the fall of 2014 alongside the iPhone 6 – but with that window having been missed, the entire iPhone release schedule may be about to get thrown for a loop – and Samsung’s plans along with it.

Samsung, once seen as safely in the lead in the smartphone market, is now facing pressure from all sides. Chinese vendors are stealing the low end marketshare with cheaper Android devices, while the arrival of larger screened iPhones has siphoned off some high end sales. The arrival of the Galaxy S6 marks Samsung’s opportunity to strike back with new innovation at a time when Apple would normally be in the middle of its upgrade cycle.

But according to a source we have in the supply chain, Apple is considering upending that cycle with a spring iPhone 6S release date with the Watch, then followed by the iPhone 7 in either the fall of 2015 or the spring of 2016 – depending on how well 6S sales hold up as the year goes on. Apple learned the hard way that many or most consumers are more impressed by a stylistic change to a smartphone than by any new internal tech specs, paving the way for fully redesigned new iPhones to arrive annually – and the “S” models to serve as a midpoint.

For its part, Samsung is still reeling from disappointing (by its standards) Galaxy S5 sales. While its normal schedule would be for the Galaxy S6 release date to arrive in the late spring, the S6 could instead arrive much sooner in 2015 – particularly if Apple follows through on its plans for accelerating the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 launch.