New Mac Pro 2 and Mac Mini: release date after WWDC 2014, Yosemite

Exactly a year ago at WWDC 2013, Apple introduced the new Mac Pro tower. Today at WWDC 2014, Apple introduced no new hardware of any kind, instead previewing the new OS X Yosemite software which will arrive in finished form in the fall. That leaves the Mac Pro 2, along with the next generation Mac Mini, in release date limbo going forward. Those who went into today’s keynote looking for clues on how to time their upcoming purchases of either are left digging deep for even subtle clues as to when either new Mac model will hit the market.

There were subtle clues that the new Mac Pro might debut today at WWDC, including the fact that the online Apple Store is now taking three to five days to ship new orders, suggesting that Apple may have been bleeding down existing inventory. But the more sobering realization is that while the original cylinder-era Mac Pro debuted at WWDC a year ago, it didn’t actually ship until December.

If Apple is waiting a full year between models, it could be another six months before the Mac Pro 2 arrives. However Apple usually tends to avoid releasing new hardware that late in the calendar year if it can help it (last year was an exception due to delays). So it’s reasonable to expect the new Mac Pro release date could come as soon as perhaps September or October, though unlikely to arrive before the new OS X Yosemite system software. The new Mac Mini is another matter.

Apple has gone more than a year and a half since last updating the Mac Mini in October of 2012. Apple has tended to treat the Mac Mini as an afterthought over the years, despite its popularity with tech geeks, only updating is sporadically. That means the release date for the next Mac Mini could come at any time at all. Again, the best guidance is that it’s likely to surface sometime after OS X Yosemite ships in the fall, but sometime before the start of the holiday shopping season.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

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  1. Tom on June 3, 2014 at 6:33 am

    I keep waiting for the Mac Mini announcement so I can buy a new computer.