New MacBook Pro 2014: Intel Broadwell, Thunderbolt 3, and release date

As Apple gears up for the release of its new MacBook Pro 2014 model, the question at hand is what the company can do to top itself. Last year’s MacBook Pro revision delivered an Intel Haswell chip with all day battery power, along with a faster Thunderbolt 2 external data port. This time around Apple is hoping the Intel Broadwell processor will be ready in time for inclusion, and Thunderbolt 3 may be on deck. But what do those new technologies mean for the new MacBook Pro release date?

The Broadwell chip promises to deliver an even more efficient ratio of processing speed to power usage than the Haswell. That means Apple can extend the “all day” (approximately nine hour) battery life of the MacBook Pro by sticking with the same size battery, or perhaps make the battery smaller while maintaining the current battery life. The latter would result in a thinner, lighter piece of hardware and could prompt a stylistic redesign accordingly. That makes the arrival of Broadwell key to the next generation MacBook Pro, and we wouldn’t expect to see the new laptop launch until the new chip is ready. But just when will that be?

Intel is on record as saying that the Broadwell chip will arrive by the holidays. Apple last revised the MacBook Pro in September of last year, and will likely want to do so again in September of 2014. However, if that means waiting an additional month or two for Broadwell to come out of initial production, Apple will no doubt hold up the new MacBook Pro release date a bit. However we suspect that the new MacBook Pro will ship before the end of 2014 whether Thunderbolt 3 is ready to go or not.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.