New MacBook Pro 2014: price cuts loom with WWDC release date or not

The bad news for those waiting for Apple to debut the new 2014 edition of the MacBook Pro is that it’s not a lock to debut at next week’s WWDC conference. The good news is that cheaper prices should be coming soon whether its release date is upon us or not. The online Apple Store still shows a twenty-four turnaround time for existing MacBook Pro models, so if Apple does debut a the new 2014 version at WWDC, existing inventory should see a significant price cut through the third party channels like Amazon which Apple uses to dump discontinued Mac inventory. And the new models stand a strong chance of debuting at lower prices as well.

Apple made a rare move toward value pricing with its Mac lineup when it debuted the new 2014 MacBook Air at as little as $899 a month ago. That points to Apple doing the same with the low end of the new MacBook Pro lineup as well, particularly if the thirteen inch non-retina (currently $1299) MacBook Pro model remains a part of the new lineup. The trickier question is when Apple will get around to debuting that lineup. Last year the new Air debuted in the middle of the year and were then updated about nine months later. Last year’s new Pro arrived in the fall, and if it follows a similar nine month pattern, can be expected to see a release date within the next month or two. That points to a WWDC keynote debut if it’s a major update, or perhaps a quiet launch the month after if it’s a mere speed bump update. But pricing looms large either way.

Those looking for a hint as to Apple’s timing of the new MacBook Pro will find mixed signals. Amazon is selling the current MacBook Pro models at a fifteen dollar discount, splitting the difference between the hundred dollar discount is often offers when a new Mac model is imminent and the full price it tends to charge when the current Mac model isn’t going anywhere for awhile.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

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