New MacBook Pro 2014: release date tied to Apple’s OS X Yosemite

The WWDC Keynote has come and gone with nary a mention of the new MacBook Pro 2014, leaving those looking forward to the new laptop to wonder just what Apple has in mind for its release date. If the new laptop were coming this summer it would have happened today. Instead Apple previewed the new OS X Yosemite system software for Mac computers, and now it appears the new MacBook Pro hardware and Yosemite software will debut in tandem. Just when will that be?

Apple’s official word on the OS X Yosemite release date came in the form of literally one word: “fall.” Technically that jeans sometime between late September and late December according to the calendar, but Apple has taken liberties with the definition of fall in the past. In Apple-speak, it typically means sometime in September. And at this point there is little reason to expect the new MacBook Pro to debut ahead of Yosemite – unless Apple gets antsy.

Oddly enough, the best hope for seeing the new MacBook Pro surface sooner than September is if OS X Yosemite ends up getting delayed. If Apple sees that Yosemite development isn’t going to be ready by September, it might go ahead and push the new laptop to market without the new software as soon as August. But that’s a long shot. The reality coming out of WWDC today is that the new MacBook Pro 2014 release date is likely about three months away.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.