New MacBook Pro at WWDC 2014: what has Apple been holding out for?

Apple has continued keeping the new 2014 iteration of its MacBook Pro laptop under wraps, weeks after it quietly offered a minor update to the MacBook Air with little fanfare. With the company’s biggest annual stage approaching in two weeks in the form of its WWDC 2014 keynote address, the reasonable assumption is that Apple held the new MacBook Pro back so it can unveil it on the WWDC big stage. But for those who have been putting off purchases until the new version arrives, the question lingers: just what has Apple been holding out for?

Last year Apple reversed things when it came to its laptop lineup. It unveiled the new MacBook Pro at WWDC, ushering in the Intel Haswell era with all day battery life. But it held back the new MacBook Pro for some time before ultimately releasing it with Haswell and a Thunderbolt 2 port. This time around, Apple felt it had so little to offer with the new 2014 MacBook Air that it went ahead and rolled it out in advance of WWDC. If the new 2014 MacBook Air were also a mere speedbump-type update, it would likely have already arrived by now. So there’s clearly more going into the new model. But while last year had a number of obvious next-gen features in the pipeline like Haswell and Thunderbolt 2, this year’s new feature set isn’t nearly as clear cut.

Apple could be preparing to finally revamp the boxy aluminum styling of the MacBook Pro, which aside from getting progressively thinner, has looked largely the same going back several years. But if a major redesign is coming, Cupertino has done a remarkable job of keeping images from leaking. Or Apple may have finally decided that it’s time to include features like 4G LTE networking built in – but would Apple really dare to offer such a “mobile” feature only on the new MacBook Pro and not on the more portable MacBook Air? These questions will all be answered within fourteen days.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.

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  1. alex234 on May 20, 2014 at 9:28 am

    Since the 13-inch non-retina is to be phased out, it would be a GREAT idea to bring bach a 17-inch Retina MacBook Pro with upgraded specs(latest quad core GPUs, dedicated graphics, flash storage, 3usb 3.0, expresscard34 slot, next to headphone jack like previous generations, etc) since retina costs should be going down at some point.