New MacBook Pro at WWDC 2014: what next for Apple after Haswell?

Apple has held back the new 2014 version of its MacBook Pro, even as it’s released a minor update to the MacBook Air. That points to Apple wanting a larger stage for the new MacBook Pro, ostensibly its early June keynote address at the WWDC conference, and that stage means that the new Pro laptop will deliver far more than the mere speed bump the Air just received. But after Apple doubled the battery life of the MacBook Pro last year thanks to the arrival of the Intel Haswell chip, what trick is up its sleeve for the new 2014 version?

This time around the obvious culprits are nowhere to be found. Intel hasn’t delivered a next gen mobile processor in 2014 to rival the quantum leap in battery life that Haswell delivered last year. Thunderbolt 2 has already been done. And even if Apple does opt to deliver the successor to the OS X Mavericks operating system this summer, that’s not specific to the MacBook Pro and doesn’t warrant positioning the new laptop in the center of the WWDC keynote.

One distinct possibility is a major overhaul in the design of the MacBook Pro, which despite getting progressively thinner and shifting to a single aluminum block body, still looks substantially similar to the styling of every previous MacBook Pro going all the way back to when it was still referred to as the PowerBook G4. Other candidates are new screen enhancements that go beyond Retina Display, new colors, and the old standby of getting even thinner and lighter.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.