Newly revved MacBook Air vs Apple’s aging MacBook Pro

One week after launching its new modestly upgraded 2014 MacBook Air laptop, Apple has revealed that it has plenty of initial inventory on hand to accommodate early orders. Every standard MacBook Air configuration in the Apple Store is listed as being available to ship within twenty-four hours. But with the changeover on the lower cost MacBook Air line now complete, those waiting for a new MacBook Pro lineup accordingly are looking for signs that they won’t have to wait too long.

Unfortunately there are no such immediate signs as of yet. Apple often bleeds down the existing inventory of a Mac model before replacing it, but the current MacBook Pro is listed as being available to ship within twenty-four hours in all configurations as well. That means Apple is still sitting on plenty of inventory, and suggests that the next MacBook Pro isn’t quite around the corner. And while some buyers may be assuming that the arrival of the new Air means that the new Pro is also imminent, recent history shows that’s not always the case.

Last year Apple introduced a new Intel Haswell based version of the MacBook Air but then waited several months before finally releasing a new MacBook Pro to go with it; Apple had apparently been waiting for the Thunderbolt 2 port to be ready before revising the Pro. While there’s no immediately apparent hang-ups such as Thunderbolt this year, it’s possible Apple may be looking to add another new technology to differentiate the new MacBook Pro before launching it.

With the annual WWDC keynote coming in just five weeks, Apple could opt to use the big stage to launch a major new MacBook Pro overhaul. But just what that might specifically entail is something that only Apple knows for sure. In the mean time, at least the current MacBook Pro is available in quantity.