Nexus 6 release date update: LG says not involved in new Google phone

If the Nexus 6 release date is arriving soon, then it’s not an LG phone. And if the Nexus is an LG phone, then it’s still a ways off from release – if it’s indeed ever happening at all. That’s the upshot from the LG executive who revealed that he and his company have had no contact from Google regarding developing the Nexus 6 phone, adding that LG had already heard from Google by this time last year regarding the development of the Nexus 5. The comments are just the latest fuel added to the fire behind the notion that there simply won’t be a Nexus 6, as Google instead puts the full weight of its efforts behind the Android Silver project. So what’s really going on?

The Nexus 5 is Google’s own official phone, and while it’s largely regarded as the best Android phone on the market in the eyes of those in the know in the tech industry, its sales haven’t measured up to more heavily advertised Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy. If Google goes ahead with a Nexus 6, it’ll likely mean more of the same: heavy praise from experts which gets drowned out by Samsung’s superior marketing platform.

The buzz behind the Android Silver project is tag instead of merely relying on minor advantages like better hardware-software integration and greater compatibility with software updates, as it’s done with the Nexus phones, Google may start fresh by tying the software and hardware together more tightly going forward. And the logical step might be to kill off any Nexus 6 plans and scrap the Nexus brand altogether in favor of a new product line.

Then again Google could simply be working on the Nexus 6 with a new manufacturer and nearing its release date as we speak, perhaps working with recent spinoff Motorola while cutting LG out of the loop, meaning that LG’s recent comments in an overseas trade publication are mere sour grapes. The fact that those comments were made at all suggests that LG doesn’t expect to be involved with Google going forward. The question is whether the Nexus 6 is happening without LG, or whether the Nexus 6 simply isn’t happening.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.