OK Google Glass, give me Google Wallet and show me the money

Google Glass Explorers have been a patient bunch, testing out the wearable computing technology for the past year while Google has added one new feature at a time to see what works and what doesn’t. But those early birds may be about to get a major reward in the form of Google Wallet, the technology that allows users to virtually send money from one user to another in a nearly effortless manner. Wallet has already found its way into Android phones, but the limited current nature of Glass means that new features for addition must be chosen carefully.

Glass users have long had the ability to perform basic tasks like taking pictures and recording video, uploading it to a social network, and sharing it with their friends online, with nothing more than a combination of eye gestures and a few spoken words. But now TechCrunch says Wallet is the next big feature to be added to Google Glass in the next major software update. That feature would go a long way to silencing any detractors who claim that Glass is little more than a head mounted webcam.

Google has made clear all along that the Explorer edition of Glass is meant for early adopters and tech geeks who want to play along as the product’s interface and feature set are fleshed out; the launch of the finalized commercial product is still a ways off. But Google Wallet represents a major step forward – meaning that soon users will be able to say “OK Glass, show me the money.”

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.