Oscars night takes lighter tone, sometimes unintentionally

The 2014 Academy Awards came replete last night with the traditional moments of seriousness, from the somber In Memoriam segment headed up by Bette Midler to the heartfelt speech which Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto gave about his mother and brother. But the Oscars evening had more lighter moments than usual, thanks in part to the fact that woman-of-the-people comedian Ellen DeGeneres was hosting the event, and partly because John Travolta just couldn’t help himself. Here are a look at three of last night’s most humorous moments, intentional or otherwise.

Ellen orders pizza

DeGeneres invited a pizza delivery man onstage with several boxes of pizza and asked if he wanted to meet any of the celebrities in the audience. She joked that the pregnant Kerry Washington should be sure to get a slice, and suggested that the handsomely paid actress Sandra Bullock should pick up the check. Although the gag was intentionally cheesy, it caught the prim Oscars crowd sufficiently off guard as to go down as one of the evening’s more memorable moments.

John Travolta makes up a fake name

When John Travolta appeared on camera to introduce a performance by Idina Menzel, he didn’t just flub her name – he made up some other name entirely. The internet is still debating today as to whether he said something more like “Adele Dazine” or “Adela Dazzem” but the latter already has its own parody account on Twitter with fifteen thousand followers. The account declared today “Thank you, Jorn Tromolto.”

Twitter’s mega-selfie

DeGeneres also gathered several actors in the audience together for a “selfie” photograph which included Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and others, suggesting that she might be able to make Twitter crash if she tweeted it and enough people retweeted it. Sure enough, Twitter struggled to load for portions of the evening while racking up 2.8 million retweets. With the trend of people taking pictures of themselves at major events and posting them on social media having exploded in popularity over the past year, it’s not yet clear whether Ellen’s super sized selfie will further boost the concept’s popularity or finally make it overblown. But its overtly informal nature stood out amid the traditional formality of Oscars night.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley