Person of Interest season 3 new episode tonight: Beta and the machine

Person of Interest continues to wind its way through season three with changes that have fundamentally altered the premise of the show, and tonight’s new episode titled “Beta” takes that transformation even further. The machine invented by Harold Finch has gone from being merely a plot device for allowing him and John Reese to prevent murders, to the machine itself now being a central character. The feds want control of it, it’s been fighting back on its own behalf through the use of oddball character Root, and Harold and Reese have spent much of the season on the run.

Now “Beta” suggests new developments for either Harold’s original machine or the government’s new Northern Lights project aimed at constructing a machine they can control. Person of Interest fans are still divided over the death earlier this season of detective Joss Carter, one of the show’s three main characters, and the rise of “Miss Shaw” as a regular character, even as the show has partially gotten away from its premise of the machine issuing numbers for potential murderers and murder victims.

Tonight’s new episode of Person of Interest suggests that divisiveness within the team is forthcoming, as next week’s episode is titled A House Divided, before the season three finale Deus Ex Machina clearly focuses on the machine(s) involved. Beta airs tonight at 10pm eastern time, 9pm central time, on CBS.