Richie Incognito to Jonathan Martin: “Call me”

If the NFL bullying saga between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin was supposed to end when the latter was traded to the San Francisco 49ers, someone forgot to tell the former. Late last night Incognito used his Twitter account in a public attempt at reaching out to Martin in the name of burying the hatchet. Martin quit the Miami Dolphins in the middle of last season, blaming persistent taunting and slurs as the reason for his departure. The Dolphins suspended Incognito for the remainder of the season, and earlier this month traded Martin to the west coast. The team has since made no overtures toward re-signing Incognito, who is a free agent.

“Call me on my cell phone. Love you brother. Shit got crazy but we held it together,” Incognito said to Martin in the public reply message last night on Twitter. He then followed it up with “No hard feelings. Let’s just move on.” Martin did not immediately reply back. It’s not clear what prompted Incognito’s message, as Martin had made no recent mention of the matter and appears to be on a road trip through southern California.

Incognito’s public attempt at making peace with Martin may stem from the fact that Incognito allegedly entered treatment after his own Ferrari earlier this month; yesterday he publicly apologized to his car. If he is in an anger management program, he may be under instruction to attempt to make amends for his various transgressions. With the NFL free agency period having been underway for a few weeks, Incognito has received no reported interest from any teams, suggesting the league may view him as a liability despite his Pro Bowl caliber skills.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley