Samsung Galaxy Note 4 no longer as cool, thanks to 6-Plus

Samsung has unleashed the Galaxy Note 4 on the world, an oversized Android smartphone which comes with a stylus and – for better or worse – tends to get a user noticed. The Note 4 is a worthy upgrade from the Note 3 in terms of hardware, and will continue to find an audience. But Samsung has a problem now, particularly when it comes to what industry insiders might refer to as the cool geeks club. It’s that segment of pseudo-geeks who choose their tech products based not on how practical or desirable they are, but how different they are from what the mainstream is using.

Don’t get me wrong: there are those users who choose a supersized phone like the Note 4 for practical reasons. They can get more out of some apps by turning the screen sideways. The larger body means more internal room for things like a longer battery life. Some older users have poor vision and want a very large screen. And so on. Some of these users only chose the Galaxy Note because of its size, and with Apple having now introduced an iPhone 6 Plus that’s roughly the same size, some will switch over. Others won’t. Samsung is holding its breath and hoping it doesn’t lose too many of then,.

But there are also those who buy a phone the size of the Galaxy Note 4 simply because they want to stand out. Almost no one else would be caught using a phone that large, so these types flock to it. They’re nearly always geeks or quasi-geeks, and for the most part, they’re wildly anti-Apple when it comes to their tech leanings. We all know the type: anything made by Apple is undesirable, and if a certain type of product is desirable and Apple starts offering one, it automatically becomes undesirable. In their minds, now that Apple also offers a Donkey Kong sized iPhone, the entire concept of a massive Android phone is no longer part of their plans.

Samsung has to hope that these users, even if they take a pass on the Galaxy Note 4, will still opt to remain within the Samsung family with something more moderate sized such as the Galaxy S. Then again, with Apple now belatedly but visibly leading the charge toward larger smartphones, the anti-Apple crowd could suddenly decide that super-small phones are now cool again. Perhaps Samsung should put a rush on that next Galaxy Mini phone after all.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.