Samsung Galaxy S6 release date: pressure from Apple i6 for 2014 launch

The Samsung Galaxy S6 release date could arrive a lot sooner than the traditional calendar model would suggest. The flagship Samsung smartphone has been on the market just half a year, but it’s already seen a disappointing run which is about to get worse. The Galaxy S5 never could crack the top of the worldwide sales charts, losing out to an iPhone 5S that was half a year older than it. And now with the advent of the newer Apple i6, one which comes with bigger screens to boot, Galaxy S5 sales could tank and quickly. That forces Samsung to at least consider bumping up the S6 release date to 2014. But what would that entail?

Giving the Galaxy S6 a release date in 2014 would be entirely practical. The question would be just what kind of a “Galaxy S6” we would end up getting. Major tech hardware vendors like Samsung typically have numerous hardware prototypes in development at any given time.

If Samsung’s ambitious plans for 2015 can’t be pulled off by year’s end, Samsung can simply select one of its less ambitious phone projects and decide to call it the Galaxy S6, while deciding that the original ambitious model will now become next year’s S7 and so on.

But while getting a new flagship smartphone out the door in 2014 is easy, it may not fix what ails Samsung. The Galaxy S5 is falling off for a few reasons. One is that it’s too similar to its predecessor. If Samsung pushes out a “Galaxy S6” with a 2014 release date that looks and feels too mud like the current model, there may be little to be gained; in fact the backlash could actually reduce sales instead of boosting them.

The other culprit is that Apple has just erased the biggest thing the Galaxy phone had going for it, which is its larger screen size. Samsung can’t just make the Galaxy S6 even bigger and hope that’ll fly.

Instead Samsung’s only way out of this hole is to come up with an innovative new Galaxy S6 which stands apart from its own S5 and Apple’s i6 by offering entirely new features and ideas that’ll connect with new users. There’s little to suggest that Samsung knows how to do this even when it has time to work with (despite outselling the Android competition, Samsung’s phones are among the weakest in the Android market), let alone under a constrained timeframe.

In that sense Samsung may be better off taking its time with the Galaxy S6 release date in the name of finally putting together an industry-leading device that can attract buyers for reasons other than simply superior marketing. In such case Samsung would be wise to hold off until 2015, and suffer through the requisite sagging sales in the mean time.