Samsung turns to hot pink Galaxy Note 3 Neo for redemption

by Will Stabley

Samsung’s Galaxy S phones have been one hit product after another, but the Galaxy Note has struggled to escape niche status. The smartphone, oversized even by Samsung standards, comes with a stylus and despite consistently heavy promotion has generally come off as a solution in search of an audience. Now comes the Note 3 Neo, a revision of the Note 3 which, among other things will come in colors like hot pink. But even that’s a tricky proposition of late. Just ask Apple, who released the iPhone 5C in a multitude of bright colors after years of customer clamor, only to watch the 5C get outsold by the more expensive and mostly greyscale iPhone 5S. Yet Samsung is banking on colors making a difference for the Note 3 Neo.

And Samsung may be onto something. While the company would like to think that Galaxy Note sales are to artsy types who are putting the tablet-sized screen and stylus to legitimate creative use, the reality is that the Note mostly sells to those who are trying to get noticed for having an oddly oversized smartphone. And among that crowd, the hot pink hues of the Note 3 Neo just might give them the opportunity to make even more of a scene.

Of course Samsung would like the Note 3 Neo to take off and finally push the Galaxy Note into mainstream acceptance. But at this point it’ll settle for increased Note sales any way it can get them, as continuing to rely on strictly the Galaxy S for the vast majority of its smartphone sales is a risky proposition.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley