Samsung’s Galaxy S5 backed into corner by turbo-sized iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 isn’t as mammoth as the 6 Plus, but it’s big enough to have backed Samsung into a corner for now. For all the talk of phablets, the core sales base for both Apple and Samsung lies with its more medium-sized smartphones. Until this past month the iPhone 5S was the best selling smartphone worldwide despite its mere four inch display size, with the Galaxy S5 in second place behind it. The updated numbers will show the iPhone 6 in first place, with the Galaxy S5 in distant second. And that’s a problem for Samsung, because it’ll be stuck there for another six months.

Samsung is in prime position to deliver an answer to the oversized iPhone 6 Plus in the form of its new Galaxy Note 4, as the timing of both launches positions each phablet as being newly revised. But the standard iPhone 6, which plays to a much larger mainstream crowd, is half a year newer than the Galaxy S5. That means newer circa-2014 tech specs making it actually more powerful, along with the appearance of being more powerful, as plenty of consumers (more or less correctly in this case) judge a phone’s specs by how long it’s been on the market. And Samsung can’t roll out the Galaxy S6 until next spring – or can it?

At this stage of the game one must one wonder if Samsung is tempted to roll out the Galaxy S6, or whatever modestly revised model it can pull together and call it the Galaxy S6, in time for the holidays. Then again, with the iPhone 6 having already increased in size sufficiently to take away that advantage, it’s fuzzy as to just what Samsung can or should do as its next counter move.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.