New England Patriots v. Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks v. Carolina: game preview

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers, while the New England Patriots face off against the Baltimore Ravens, in a pair of games in which the number one playoff seed faces an intriguing foe. The Seahawks are defending Super Bowl champions and have eyes on getting back their again thanks to their high powered offense and aggressive defense, and have overcome a midseason slump to return to their previous dominance – but the Panthers are turning into the underdog darlings of the postseason thanks to slipping in with a losing record but now riding a hot streak.

On the other side of the playoff bracket, the Patriots overcame an early slump of their own to end up pulling out the number one playoff seed, earning New England home field advantage for this game as well as the next one if the advance. But the Ravens still have a championship pedigree, even if they have lost key leaders since winning the Super Bowl two years ago – and Baltimore has already taken down rival Pittsburgh in the wildcard round.

Both games take place this Saturday. The Baltimore Ravens face the New England Patriots first at 4:35pm on NBC, and then the Carolina Panthers take on the Seattle Seahawks at 8:15pm on FOX.