Carolina Panthers at Seattle Seahawks game: Cam Newton, Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers in the divisional round of the NFL football playoffs, with one team the defending champion and the other shocking the world just by being here. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are looking to win a second consecutive Super Bowl and have home field advantage, while Cam Newton the Panthers had a losing record this season but managed to defeat the Cardinals in the first round. Here’s a preview of the game, and who has the advantage.

Quarterback: Russell Wilson plays an unorthodox game, but it pays off for him. Cam Newton has had an up and down career, but has been playing some of his best football since coming back from a car accident and back injury which had sidelined him. Still, we have to go with Super Bowl winner Wilson until someone shows us otherwise. Advantage: Seahawks.

Defense: Carolina has star linebacker Luke Kuechly. Seattle has too many defensive stars to lost, including Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Advantage: Seahawks.

Overall: The Panthers suddenly feel like a team of destiny after winning these last two games. But in reality, the victory over the collapsing Falcons wasn’t an impressive feat, and the playoff win over the Cardinals was against a hapless third string quarterback. So we’re sticking with the champs. Advantage: Seahawks.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley