Six reasons Richard Castle isn’t dead heading into Season Seven

Castle ended its Season Six finale not with a wedding as advertised, but instead with the apparent fiery death of the show’s titular character. The closing scene in which Kate Beckett stares helplessly at the flaming vehicle of Richard Castle was enough to send chills down the spine of fans of the show. But fear not, Castle isn’t dead. Instead the cliffhanger ending merely served to set up the plot of the Season Seven premiere, in which he’s mysteriously missing and she has to track him down. Not convinced that Richard Castle is still alive? Here are six reasons why he can’t possibly be dead.

1. First the blatantly obvious: Castle has been renewed for Season Seven – and you can’t have a show called “Castle” without Castle. 2. The writers of the show aren’t that mean. Sure, they killed off beloved Captain Roy Montgomery at the end of Season Three in a manner that was based in little more than shock value. But the notion that the writers would really do something that mean to fans? Not going to happen. 3. Without Richard Castle, the entire premise of the show would vanish. What would they do, introduce another mystery novelist who just happens to want to tag along with the NYPD?

4. Nathan Fillion is under contract for Season Seven, which speaks for itself. 5. If Richard Castle were going to indeed be killed off, the writers would at least have given Castle and Beckett their wedding first. 6. Fillion himself has acknowledged on Twitter that the car on fire at the end of the episode is not the same car that Castle was seen driving moments earlier as he was being pursued. That sets up a Season Seven premiere where something is certainly amiss, but not what’s been hinted at.

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