Super Bowl 2015 date time and location: Seahawks, Patriots favorites

The Super Bowl 2015 grows closer, with NFL football playoff teams being eliminated left and right. The big game has a date, time and location set in stone regardless of which teams end up playing in it, setting up a warm weather neutral site. Four teams remain in the mix, but our prediction is that the top two seeds – the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks – end up advancing to the Super Bowl, though not for the reasons one might expect.

While the Super Bowl 2015 date and time and location are locked in regardless of team record, the NFC and AFC Championship games are in fact very much skewed toward the teams with the better winning record. The Patriots are hosting the Indianapolis Colts in New England, and while the Colts are suddenly the hot hand, they’re accustomed to playing in a dome and have not performed well in the outdoor cold in Foxboro. On the NFC side, the Green Bay Packers are very much accustomed to outdoor bad weather, but they tend to be more dominant at home, and they’re playing at the Seattle Seahawks. Although playoff games are never as simple as who has the home field, it’s useful as a tiebreaker when the games are as evenly matched as these are.

The Super Bowl 2015 has a date of February 1st and a start time of 6:30pm on NBC with a location of Phoenix, Arizona. While our prediction for the big game is New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks, and the odds makers agree, there’s a reason why they play the games.