Super Bowl 2015 prediction: Seahawks, Patriots, Packers or underdog?

The Super Bowl 2015 is fast approaching, and it’s time to make predictions regarding which of the final eight teams will make the big dance and which of those two will win the championship. The Patriots are looking to get back to their Super Bowl ways after several years passing since their championships. The Seahawks are looking to defend their title. The Packers are trying to ride on the back of the league’s best quarterback. And there are five more teams in the mix.

We’ll start by eliminating the teams we just can’t see making it to the Super Bowl. The Panthers are a nice story but don’t have the roster to contend. The Broncos won’t get any further than an apparently injured Peyton Manning can take them. The Ravens have the pedigree but don’t have the defense they once did. The Colts are still a year away from having a Super Bowl defense. The Cowboys are too inconsistent to win three more tough games. That leaves the Seahawks, Patriots, and Packers. So who wins the 2015 Super Bowl?

Our prediction is that the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl 2015 easily out of the AFC, while the Seahawks narrowly defeat the Packers in the NFC thanks to home field advantage. From there, we have the Seahawks defeating the Patriots in the Super Bowl due to the fact that that Seahawks defense is simply too dominant. That’s our pick – what’s yours?

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  1. Pete Carroll on January 14, 2015 at 12:28 am

    The patriots will stomp the Seahorses….obviously.