Swift iPhone 6 release date signaled by iOS 8 beta 2 release

Just how soon is Apple’s new iPhone 6 release date coming? More swiftly than expected, if the latest developments in its iOS 8 beta testing program are any indication. Apple just released the beta 2 download, arriving soon on the heals of the original beta, and showing impressive progress. There’s still a ways to go on the development side (there’s a reason why Apple doesn’t release iOS betas to the public), but iOS 8 is moving along swiftly. And that’s good news for those waiting for Apple to release the iPhone 6, because that can’t happen until the iOS 8 beta testing is complete.

Those who ready to get in line for the iPhone 6 launch shouldn’t grab their turtleneck outfits just yet. Apple usually releases as many as seven beta versions in order to iron out all the rough spots and polish up the finalized feature set before declaring the software to be complete – and so far iOS 8 is still only on beta 2. But the swift progress on the software side means that Apple can put the iPhone 6 into production sooner, and thus release it to market sooner. So just how soon are we talking about?

If Apple puts iOS 8 through five more beta releases, one per week, we’d expect it to be ready in late July. If those releases come two weeks apart, we’d be looking at August. That still puts the iPhone 6 release date sooner on the calendar than the September-October timeframe in which Apple has released its last few iPhones.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley