iPhone 6 release date: Tim Cook Keynote at Monday’s WWDC 2014 provides answers

All eyes in the tech universe are on the Tim Cook Keynote, as clues to the nature of the iPhone 6 and its release date will surface during his WWDC presentation on Monday. Some of he will reveal is already known: iOS 8, the system software and on screen interface of the iPhone 6, will be previewed in detail. Within the new iOS feature set will be hints pointing at the hardware direction for the new iPhone model. The degree to which iOS 8 is complete will help pin down the iPhone 6 release date. And Cook may even break with tradition and show off the iPhone 6.

During the Steve Jobs era, Apple had a tradition of showing off the new iOS software each summer but keeping a tight kid on the corresponding new hardware until it was ready to ship with the finished software on it. But Tim Cook has shown himself to be a different man, and could opt to preview the iPhone 6 hardware during his WWDC Keynote in order to begin drumming up attention and hype now.

Such a move could hurt sales of the existing iPhone 5S and 5C now, but Apple needs a momentum changer after a year in which most mobile tech headlines have been about new Android products. And showing off a bold new iPhone 6 this Monday, even if it is a month before its release date, would be a novel way to ensure that the iPhone 6 is a hit when it does ship.

Will Stabley
Will Stabley is the Founder and Senior Editor of Stabley Times.
Will Stabley