Twitter adds Mute button to spare blabbermouths from being unfollowed

Twitter has added a Mute button to its mobile app, allowing users to temporarily silence some of the people they follow in the instances where they’re talking too much. That saves the blabbermouths of the social network from getting unfollowed when their most talkative – or most controversial – tweets start happening. The Mute button is the latest in Twitter’s attempts at giving its mobile apps more functionality and bringing it on par with the full desktop version of Twitter which is used in a web browser.

Last year Twitter began phasing out third party apps by limiting their social bandwidth, effectively forcing most of its users to switch to its own official mobile apps for platforms like iPhone and Android. That’s brought significant backlash from users who preferred their own specialized Twitter apps instead. Twitter stated that it was looking to bring more uniformity to the platform in the name of adding more features, and the new Mute button is one example – except of course the for the fact that some of the third party apps already had the Mute feature.

Updates for the Twitter app are available from their respective mobile app stores.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.