Does Tyrion die tonight? Game of Thrones time, TV, free live stream

Game of Thrones returns tonight with an all new Season 4 episode titled The Watchers On The Wall, with (spoiler alert: don’t keep reading unless you’ve already seen last week’s Episode 8) one series protagonist having literally just lost his head, and fans now worried that another one of the good guys might be the next to bite the dust. Specifically, does the diminutive Tyrion Lannister die tonight, or this season? Because the TV series follows the George R.R. Martin novels, those who have read the books already know the answer – which we’ll reveal below, and you shouldn’t read unless you want Episode 9 spoiled for you.

The short answer is no. While the Red Viper is indeed very much dead, Tyrion Lannister is about to get a reprieve. His allies will spring him on a jailbreak, saving him from the clutches of the Mountain. But before you think Game of Thrones is about to take on an uncharacteristically cheery bent (this is after all the show that brought you massive carnage of what was supposed to be a rare upbeat moment in the Red Wedding), be forewarned: the show finds different ways to get violet. Major spoiler alert for the rest of the season below, and the dark secrets of where the plot goes next just may make your head explode…

Tyrion ends up killing Shae and his own father by the time it’s all said and done, and it’ll be up to the audience to decide whether those killings are justified. But at least as far as the books have been published, Tyrion is still very much alive. Episode 9, The Watchers On The Wall, airs tonight at 9:00pm eastern time on TV channel HBO. Those who want to watch online can try their luck at websites like and, where a free live stream of the episode will be available.