Walmart: iPhone 6 release date imminent, cuts 5S to $99, 5C to $29

Walmart has telegraphed the imminent iPhone 6 release date by cutting prices sharply on current iPhone 5S and 5C models. The 5S is now selling for $99, while the budget 5C is selling for $29. Various retailers and carriers have offered temporary price cuts on existing iPhone models over the past eight months, but such moves have generally lasted no more than a few days at a time and have been promotional in nature. The timing of these price cuts, however, points to Walmart and Apple looking to tamp down existing inventory ahead of the iPhone 6 release date.

Don’t go lining up and camping out for the iPhone 6 just yet, however. Apple developers are still working on the iOS 8 system software which will ship preinstalled on the iPhone 6, with at least another beta release or two in the works before it’ll be complete. And rumors from overseas point to the new iPhone going into production in July, meaning the iPhone 6 release date isn’t quite upon us.

But with Walmart already blowing out iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C inventory at significantly discounted prices, the iPhone 6 release date appears to be much closer to becoming a reality than those who have been predicting a September or October release.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.