Will iPhone 6 release date bring iOS 8 side-by-side multitasking?

iPhone 6 is about to deliver a bigger screen to Apple’s smartphone lineup, and now comes word that Apple is working in side by side multitasking for its upcoming iOS 8 operating system. The iPhone 6 release date will also mark the release of iOS 8, and so it’s only fair to ask: will the iOS 8 multitasking feature be reserved only for larger devices like the iPad Air and iPad mini, or will Apple attempt to bring some form of split-screen functionality to the iPhone 6 as well?

The larger issue is why Apple is pursuing split screen multitasking with iOS 8 at all. It’s been tried on competing mobile platforms like Android and Windows 8 with results so cumbersome that the feature is best left turned off. Apple may have come up with a more intuitive way of allowing two apps to function at the forefront of a tablet screen at once, or Apple may simply be adding a rudimentary implementation of the feature so Samsung and Microsoft can’t continue publicly dinging the iPad for not having it.

But with the iPhone 6 release date set to mark Apple’s first foray into the world of five inch smartphones, one has to wonder if Apple will attempt to implement it there as well. If not, iPhone jailbreakers will certainly try their hand at it the moment iOS 8 is cracked open, and will proudly flaunt their split screen multitasking iPhone 6 hack whether it ends up being practical or not. So Apple has to at least think about offering it on the iPhone 6 from day one.

With Apple set to publicly preview iOS 8 in just four weeks at its next major keynote event, we’ll get some answers soon enough. But the definitive answer may have to wait for the iPhone 6 release date to arrive, and that’s at least two months away.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.