iPod touch 6th generation canceled? Release date sunk in Apple abyss

The iPod touch 6th generation hide-and-seek routine continues. Apple held its second major press event in as many months and rolled out another big bundle of hardware, having now turned over the majority of its core products – and yet there hasn’t been a new iPod touch generation in more than two years. Traditionally Apple introduced the next generation iTouch alongside the new iPhones. That failed to occur in September, causing fans of the product to shift their hopes to the October event, but that too came up empty. Now that Apple’s press events for the year are finished, wither the sixth generation iPod touch?

Not so fast. Apple has never considered the iPod touch to be one of its headlining products, instead attempting to position it as a transitional product for those not yet ready to commit to an iPhone. As evidence of this, Apple has only ever bothered to update the iPod touch every other year. It’s entirely possible that Apple could still give the iPod touch 6th generation a release date in 2014 by simply posting it to its online store with no fanfare beyond a press bulletin.

Why would Apple do such a thing? The first thought is that it wanted to keep its two big press events focused on the core products. But that doesn’t hold up to closer inspection, as Apple used the iPhone event to preview the Watch, and then used the iPad event to roll out everything from a retina iMac to a new Mac Mini. The exclusion of the iPod touch instead must mean that Apple has no intention of launching it any time soon.

One possible reason for that its development simply isn’t ready yet. Apple must decide whether to scale up the iPod touch 6th generation to the size of the new iPhones or leave it the same, and is must choose whether to keep it in line with the comparatively unpopular colors of the iPhone 5C or migrate toward the more popular shades of metal on its other products. Apple could still be finishing up the new iPod touch, or it could be awaiting market reaction to its other new products before releasing it.

Or it could be that Apple simply has so little interest in promoting the iPod touch, for fear that it may cannibalize iPhone sales, that it’s decided to stick with the current fifth generation iPod touch for the long haul and eventually phase it out entirely.

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  1. Cameron on November 2, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    The iPod 6 shoud be like the 6 because its got a big screen