Xbox Live and PlayStation hacker arrested, exonerating North Korea

Those who believed that the hacker who took down the Xbox Live and PlayStation gaming networks was secretly North Korea have just seen a major hole poked in their theory. The hack came close on the heels of the takedown of the Sony Pictures website, which was accredited to Kim Jong Un and led to international controversy and the cancelation of a movie release. That led some within political and gaming circles to posit that Kim’s techies also targeted the video gamers. But that notion appears to have ended.

But the alleged Xbox and Playstation hacker has been arrested in the United Kingdom, according to Krebs on Security. The motivations behind such attacks are often less than clear, as those who commit such crimes often tend to publicly blame others in order to cover their tracks, and the reasons given for such attacks are sometimes a ruse as well. Even as the United States has formally blamed North Korea for the Sony attack, for instance, some security experts still believe that it was more likely to have been an internal job by a disgruntled Sony employee looking to embarrass the bosses.

In any case, since the infamous downtime of the Xbox Live and PlayStation networks, no subsequent hacking has taken place – at least no successful attempts.

Phil Moore

Phil Moore

Phil covers tech for Stabley Times.